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Give Where U Live

This holiday season, you helped 5 local families through the Give Where U Live Holiday Campaign — THANK YOU!

It’s not too late to help other local people in need. We invite you to “Give Where U Live” today!



Special thanks to Cape Cod Broadcasting Media for making this possible. 

THANK YOU for helping this newly single mother and her son!

Nora never expected to raise her 4 year-old son, Dillan, alone. Born and raised on Cape Cod, Nora married a local man and, after their son was born, became a stay-at-home mom.

Last summer, Nora made the heart-wrenching discovery that her husband was using drugs. He became secretive, and then abusive. The situation in their home grew volatile. Nora knew she should leave, but she and her son were financially dependent. As she considered next steps, her husband left – making the decision for her. Nora acted fast and got a job, putting Dillan in daycare. But even with a voucher to help defray the cost, the expense of daycare, coupled with rent and utilities, makes it hard for Nora to make ends meet. Last week, Nora’s utilities were shut-off.

Nora wants to work and provide stability for her son. She’s reached out for counseling and guidance and is trying to do all of the right things. 

Thank you for raising $2,500 to help Nora and Dillan!


THANK YOU for helping this local multigenerational family! 

Like most families, Cindy and Pete want to do the best they can for their family. Cindy is a stay-at-home mom who cares for their four children, ages 3 to 9, while Pete is the breadwinner, working two jobs. 

Recently, the couple decided to open their home to Cindy’s seven-year-old nephew, as his own mother’s addiction made his living situation unsafe. With Cindy’s elderly parents also living with them and needing care, quarters for this family of nine are tight; finances are even tighter. When their only car broke down a few weeks ago, beyond repair, it left the family without any transportation. Pete is now walking to work. Cindy is unable to get to the grocery, or take her parents to their medical appointments. And winter weather is looming.

THANK YOU for raising $2,000 to help this local multigenerational family on the road to sustainability!

THANK YOU for helping 2 year old Tristan and his family as they fight for his health this holiday season. 

Daniel and Ashley Velez grew up in Falmouth and have three beautiful children: Scarlett age 6, Harmony, age 3, and Tristan, age 2. Daniel is the sole provider for the family, working with disabled children at the May Institute. This summer, this family’s world was turned upside down when their youngest child Tristan, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. This month, Tristan is receiving chemo in Boston to try and save his life. To be together and stay with Tristan during his treatments, the family will move to the Ronald McDonald House in Boston. With time away from work and home, unanticipated childcare expenses for their two daughters, and medical bills piling up, the family fears losing their housing if they can’t remain current with the rent. Emotional stress for this family is high.


THANK YOU for raising $2,000 to allow this family to focus on Tristan’s health and ensure that they have a home to return to. 


The Brencher family thanks YOU — for helping to ease the burden of their son’s medical bills. 

{left to right} Grace, Dad, Mom, and Julian

The Brenchers are a family with deep roots on the Cape. They’re also a family struggling to survive. Their four year old son, Julian, has complex medical needs and spends as many as 100 days a year in Boston Children’s Hospital. While Julian’s dad works two jobs to try and meet expenses, his mom is his full-time caregiver, traveling back and forth to Boston on a moment’s notice while also caring for their two-year old daughter, Grace. Over the last two years, the Brenchers have watched their monthly bills mount as they juggle high medical costs and travel with their existing rent and living expenses. The financial burdens, and emotional distress, are taking a toll on this family.

THANK YOU for raising $2,000 to help pay-down the medical bills and ease the burden for this family! 

THANK YOU for helping local Veteran Mark and his family to stay in their home!

Mark and Tiffany were born, raised, and married on Cape Cod and couldn’t wait to ra

Photo of Mark and Tiffany’s children: Tyler, Hannah, Gabriel, and Cheyenne

ise a family here. Mark’s dream was to serve and protect his country as a member of the military. In 2005, the couple made the decision that he would enlist in the Army where he proudly served as a combat medic. Over the course of three deployments to Iraq, Mark and Tiffany welcomed four beautiful children into the world.With Mark away, Tiffany worked hard to juggle the kids and meet all of their needs. This became even harder once their third child was diagnosed with a mental disability and she became a round-the-clock provider. To keep the family afloat on a military salary, Tiffany made some financial decisions she would not have made under different circumstances – decisions that continue to plague the family.

When Mark completed his service in the Army, the family moved to Florida where he enrolled in college and Tiffany worked. Earning only one wage, however, did not cover their financial needs and returning to live with family on the Cape seemed their best option. Unfortunately, a family member’s struggle with alcoholism proved detrimental to their children and they turned to camping and living in motels while searching for a suitable place to live. Despite much effort to find affordable housing, landlords rejected them due to their credit history and family size. This fall, the family was blessed to find a couple who offered a safe and affordable rental in Harwich. The kids, Tyler, Hannah, Gabriel, and Cheyenne, who range in age from 7 to 13, are overjoyed. With jobs and a home, Mark and Tiffany hope their search for stability for their family is over.

And yet, the family is still plagued by the financial decisions Tiffany was forced to make while Mark was deployed which included a crippling, high-interest loan. Their ability to stay current with the rent of their new home is threatened. Mark and Tiffany do not want to return to motels this winter – they want to stay on the path to stability that they have found.

THANK YOU for raising $1,800 to cover two months of rent for this family — you helped them to regain their footing, expunge their loan, and keep Tyler, Hannah, Gabriel, and Cheyenne safe in their home. 


ABOUT ‘Give Where U Live’:

YOU can directly help a local individual or family this holiday season. Just make a donation to the ‘Give Where U Live’ project of the week.

We have partnered with local nonprofits to discover individuals and families that may need some extra help this holiday season.

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